Joe Moser Traveling to Buchenwald to Celebrate Liberation and film documentary

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This April is the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Buchenwald by American troops. The Buchenwald Memorial society and the German government have invited former prisoners and liberators to help celebrate. The German government is covering the cost of Joe’s trip plus an accompanying family member.

Joe, two daughters and a grandson will be leaving for Germany on Thursday, April 8 returning April 17. While at Buchenwald they will participate in receptions with the mayor of Weimar, Catholic Mass, dinner and a wreath-laying ceremony. Joe will also be interviewed a number of German students who are conducting an oral history project focusing the Allied airmen held in Buchenwald. There is growing recognition about this little known event and Joe is one of the few survivors able to provide first-hand information about the terrible conditions and brutality in this infamous work camp.

A documentary film crew will be accompanying Joe to Buchenwald, then travel with him to France to film where he bailed out from his stricken P-38, talk to family members of the farmers who helped him, and follow his path after capture from Marchefroy, to Paris, to Buchenwald. The documentary film, “Jump Into Hell” is being produced by Mike Dorsey, an established California-based filmmaker and will focus on Joe Moser and Lt. Col. E.C. “Easy” Freeman, another American airman held in Buchenwald. Freeman is the grandfather of filmmaker Dorsey.


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