About the ghostwriter

It occurred to me that maybe I should identify myself a bit as the writer of Joe Moser’s story. I have written a few books before this one including a ghost written autobiography of an Austrian ski legend and World War II veteran fighting for Germany in Russia. His name is Franz Gabl and the book is titled “Franzl.” I also wrote “Friendship Marketing” published by Oasis Press, a business book about the importance of building relationships in business. I self published a companion book called “The SALT Principles.”

In 2002 Prentice Hall published my book titled “Now Is Too Late; Survival in an Era of Instant News” and its second edition is being self-published.

I am 56 years old with a wonderful wife (Lynne) of 34 years and we have three grown children and 5 (almost 6) beautiful grandchildren. I have earned my living over the past thirty five years as a university professor, a co-founder of a software company, the owner of several businesses including a marketing and PR firm that has been my primary livelihood for over 25 years. I continue to own that firm (creatively named Baron and Company) and am also the founder and current CEO of PIER Systems, Inc., a company that provides web-based communication management technology to many large corporations, universities and government agencies.

You can reach me at gbaron@piersystems.com.

This is a pet project and came about because of my friendship for many years with Frank Imhof, Joe Moser’s first cousin. Frank read my book on Franz Gabl and told me for years I needed to talk to Joe and maybe write his story. Joe and I live only about 12 miles apart so it wasn’t hard to get together. Finally, in September, 2006 Lynne and I got with Joe and Jean and started this project.



  1. Joyce Moser said,

    Good Morning,
    Julie and myself have been encouraging Dad to turn photos over to you to be included in this book. He seems reluctant – Have you asked him? We seem to get the blank look from him. He has a wonderful picture of him in his uniform infront of his plan, also one of this fighter squadron. Also I’m sure you’ve seen the ones on his display board. Some of them are not very pretty, but what he went thru was definately not pretty, but they need to be shown. I think they can be scaned if not, I’ll make copies. Thanks.

  2. Julie "Moser" Hanes said,

    I’ve trying to encourage my Dad to show you the pictures he took while in the last POW camp. We can make copy’s for you if you like. Thanks

  3. gbaron said,

    I didn’t know about those photos. I would love to have a copy. As soon as I get all the chapters drafted I will start assembling all the photos and illustrations we want to include in the books. So that should be pretty soon. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. ianimhof said,


    It’s great to see these stories on the web for everyone to read. I have talked with Joe many times and seen him speak, everytime I’m blown away. On a side note, I happen to be the grandson of Frank Imhof.

    Ian Imhof

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