About Joe Moser

This is the story of Joseph F. Moser, a World War II fighter pilot with an amazing story to tell. Joe very narrowly survived bailing out of his P-38 with an engine on fire. He was quickly caught by the Germans and sent on the very last train out of Paris–just before the Allies entered. On the train were 167 other Allied flyers–all except him held by the French Underground until betrayed and turned over to the Gestapo by a Nazi agent. They were sent to Buchenwald on orders from Berlin to be executed as “terrorfliegers.” Four days before their scheduled extermination, they were rescued by Luftwaffe officers and shipped instead to the most famous POW camp in Germany–Stalag Luft III. Joe was placed in the very barracks where just one month before, Allied flyers had tunneled out and temporarily escaped. The famous movie “The Great Escape” tells that story. But, as the Allies approached, Joe and the others were sent on a death march to another camp which he barely survived.

Joe, as of early 2008, is a spry, quiet, humble 86 year old gentleman living with his wife Jean in Ferndale, Washington, his home town.

This blog will have the chapters of the autobiography I am ghost writing for Joe.

If you come across this, let me know and tell me what you think. All messages will be past to Joe and his wife Jean and they would love to hear from you.




  1. Mrs Pat MacGregor said,

    I have read Joe’s story with great interest. This and a book entitled “Destination Buchenwald” by Colin Burgess, published by Kangaroo Press in Australia have been very informative.

    I am interested in the Buchenwald airmen because two members of the crew with whom my Dad flew were amongst the 168.

    They were in RAF, Bomber Command and flew with 158 Squadron that was based at Lissett in East Yorkshire. They took off on the night of 12/13th June 1944 to attack the marshalling yards at Amiens, Northern France and after dropping their bombs were attacked by a Junkers 88. Their Halifax lll crashed after all the crew had successfully parachuted over Northern France.

    The two who were eventually captured were:
    1084999 Sgt or F/Sgt John Joseph Fernandez, known as Ferdie, Air Bomber and
    137476 F/O Cyril Worosley Nuttall, Navigator.
    Both boys lived in Liverpool. Ferdie married Rose Cooper in May 1944 and he had been a Railway Clerk before joining up. Cyril had been a Shipping Clerk.

    If Joe remembers these boys or knows of anyone who has contact details I would very much like to hear. Did they ever join the KLB Club?

    Pat MacGregor

    • sue ellis said,

      what an amazing story
      i am researching stories that come from RAF Riccall for a short dvd about the nature reserve at Skipwith and how the airfeild was used in the war. If you can help that would be great i hope you can

      • Pat MacGregor said,

        I don’t know anything much about RAF Riccall except that it was there my dad met up with Bill Reed’s crew in September 1943. It was 1658 Conversion Unit where crews were sent to convert from the two-engined medium bombers to the four-engined heavy bombers and in the case of Riccall these were the Handley Page Halifaxes. They were only there for about five weeks before being posted to their operational squadron at RAF Lissett.. .

      • sue ellis said,

        Hi Pat please contatc me on sue.ellis@serendipityart.org I would love to know more many thanks sue

    • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

      Dear Mrs. Pat MacGregor. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Stalag Luft 3 was the prisoner of war camp run by the German Air Force where the airmen were transferred to from Buchenwald. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  2. gbaron said,

    An additional comment to my post about this–I will ask Joe next time I see him if he remembers either of these guys. Is your father still living and sharing his memories with you?

  3. Mary Larson said,

    Hi – I am married to Col. Merle Larson’s son. We are fascinated to find this story of someone who was side-by-side with Merle during his Buchenwald days. Sadly, Merle died 10 years ago, but we still have many artifacts of his days in the military. He retired in 1972 as a Colonel in the USAF. I haven’t read every chapter as I found it when I was googling Merle’s name and started with Chapter 7. I will continue to read.

    • Stephane TESSIER said,

      You can contact me: tessiers@wanadoo.fr for information about Merle LARSON.

    • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

      Dear Mrs. Larson. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Stalag Luft 3 was the prisoner of war camp run by the German Air Force where the airmen were transferred to from Buchenwald. The group has some members whose father / grandfather / great uncle was at Buchenwald. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  4. gbaron said,

    Hello Mrs. Larson, I am so pleased to hear from you. Joe will be very excited to hear from someone in Captain Larson’s family. Joe looked up to him tremendously–there were two officers who earned Joe’s strongest admiration–Captain Larson and Col. Lamason. If you have any photos or any of the memorabilia that might be appropriate for helping tell this story I’d be interested in knowing about them. I encourage you to read the rest of the chapters and comment on any issues relevant to Captain (Colonel) Larson, Thanks again for commenting.

  5. Pierre MADRY said,

    Very interesting. I made an enquiry about the plane where took place Phil Hemmens and where he crashed with his crew in Normandy on June 1944 (escape with French Underground, meeting with British Airmen, betrayal, Fresnes prison, Buchenwald etc…)

    Do you know if it’s possible to have a contact with Joe Moser?

  6. LeeAnn Lehni said,

    Joe comes to my elementary classroom almost every year to share his experiences. My children are always amazed and enthralled with his testimony. I am so thankful for his courage to retell his past.

    I have known Joe for years, but he has only been able to retell his story in recent years. His memory and heart have reopened. I think that this retelling has been his healing. He inspires so many of us, especially my young children in my classroom.

    My 24 year old daughter adores Joe. He is walking and living history to her…. She now teaches history and English in Seattle. But her love of history has been amplified by Joe.

  7. LeeAnn Lehni said,

    Joe came again today, to my newest 5th grade classroom. Thank you so much, Joe! You are a treasure!

  8. Eric Johnson said,

    This is a simple Thank You, Joe, for what you and your fellow soldiers, sailors, air men and Marines did for me so many years ago.

    All of you set the world back upright.

    Eric Johnson
    US Navy, 1972-1978, A-7 pilot

  9. CMST Cary Hatzinger said,

    It was a proud honor to have you as our distinguished guest on McChord AFB and to be a part of your special moment as your received your award. You are a true American Hero and you touched my wife and I deeply. Thank you for your service and congratulations!

  10. Mary Larson said,

    I was very excited to see the Joe has received well-earned medal at long last. My father-in-law, Col. Merle Larson, had received 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses shortly after his experience during WWII. It is a shame that it took this long to honor Joe properly, but Congratulations at long last!

  11. Jim R C Baker said,


    My dad – Horace Sumner Corbett Jr (Jim) – flew the P-38 as a USAAF photographer. He shipped out of Orlando in the late summer of 1943 just before I was born. In early 1944, he was killed retuning from a raid of a German Messeschmidt airplane factory in Germany. The sky as filled with clouds when he was hit and parachuted. The Resistance found him. His commanding officer notified my mother in March of 1943. My own family visited the beautiful Allied Cemetery in Netuno, Italy in the 1970’s, where we found his grave and laid flowers.

    I recognized the distinctive P-38 in The Seattle Times Sunday front page photo from the 12″ silver-platted model he received as an award while in training.

    Thank you so very much for your wartime service and beyond.

    My warm regards,


  12. Jim R C Baker said,

    This is to correct my mailto: jrcbaker@comcast.net


  13. John Fernandez said,

    Have only found this website today (forwarded by my daughter,Emma and prompted by the US President ‘s visit yesterday).
    My father, John Fernandez, is referred to by several people and, of course, we did know he had been held in Buchenwald. He didn’t speak much of his experiences to his family though he had begun to write some memories of the war and talked a lot to my eldest son, David who has a lot of his memorabilia (including some terrible pictures of Buchenwald). We do have a letter which was written to my mother by members of the French resistance who had sheltered him. These refer to a betrayal and the fact that the traitor had been ‘dealt with’. It would be wonderful if we could ever meet up with the families of these brave people who saved my father’s life. He was shot down shortly after his marriage and, as I understand it, was reported as ‘missing presumed dead’ so the letter from France was a great relief to my mother – it was particularly poignant that his older brother, Marcial, was killed at Nijmegen in September 1944.
    Dad died in December 1992 so, sadly, was not able to re-establish contact with those he had known in such difficult circumstances. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who either knew my father or knew of him.
    John M Fernandez

    • Laurent Viton said,

      Hello John ,
      I’m interested about F/S J.J. Fernandes and his crew as they went down in my area during WW2. Pilot was P/O W.Reed , they were flying Halifax LV790 NP-L of 158 Sq. The plane crashed at Menerval , between Gournay-en-Bray and Forges-les-Eaux .Do you have a crew picture , or at least your father’s POW card ? I’m currently writing a book to honour all RAF and USAAF crews downed here , any documentation and account are most welcome.
      Thanks , Laurent

    • Michael Coleman said,

      Don’t know if this website is still working…my father told me a story about an RAF guy he knew (my father was from LIverpool an he was in the Navy during the War). He told me his name was Juan Fernandez and that he had known him before the War…was your grandfather from Liverpool?
      Mike Coleman

      • John Fernandez said,

        It was a good surprise to hear from you. My father was known as both John and Juan Fernandez and was from Liverpool (where most of the family still live). I’d be interested to hear of any memories which you have of your father’s wartime years and how,exactly, he knew my dad. Were they at school together? Did they live near each other? Did they work together (on the railway)?
        John Fernandez

    • Michael Coleman said,

      Good to hear from you John…I thought you might like to know a little story my father told me about meeting your father in Liverpool when they were both on leave. I can’t recall how they knew each other…you mention the railway..my father worked for the railway after he left school and before he joined the Navy. If your grandfather went to St Edwards School (now Sandfield Park) then they would have known each other from school. My father told me that they when they met one day in town your father mentioned that he had completed quite a few missions (not sure how many, but it was alot..25? something like that) but that he felt sure that his number was now up and his luck was gone. He sort of ‘knew’ they would be shot down next trip. Obviously my father tried to be a bit more positive about it, but I have read that all bomber crews were massively superstitious and (given the 50% chance of survival) had good reason to be. My father then heard a while later that he had been shot down on his next mission and they must have met up after the war, as my father mentioned to me that your father was in a concentration camp. What impresses me about your father was, given how superstitious the crews were, if he thought his number was up, that time until the final mission must have been torture for him, yet he just got on with it and played out his hand, so to speak. They were just an amazingly tough and brave generation. I am in awe of them still. My father died in 2000 and he told me most about his war service when I was very young. He didn’t say so much in his last years and it began to catch up with him and he started to get nightmares. He used to present it to me as this huge adventure, but I think the sheer terror burned itself into his mind and sort of bided its time until he had had a couple of strokes and was not so strong anymore. However, I dare say he was like your father…even right to the end of his life, despite his negativity about the waste of war and the damage it did to his health and especially his hearing..if someone had said-we need you to go back and do it again, he would have gone and done it again. Without hesitation. Mike

      • Michael Coleman said,

        Good to see the memorial sorted out today-just 67 years late, but at least it has happened now.

    • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

      Dear Mr. Fernandez. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Stalag Luft 3 was the prisoner of war camp run by the German Air Force where the airmen were transferred to from Buchenwald. The group has some members whose father / grandfather / great uncle was at Buchenwald. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  14. Dave Fernandez said,

    I am John (Juan) Fernandez oldest Grandson – my Dad is his oldest child. My Grandad died in 1993 and did not really talk about the war – he was writing an account of his war for us when he died – the last line is him being shot down. I now have a lot of his Memorabilia – including photos from Buchenwald. I want to digitise all this stuff so once it’s online I’ll let you know. Dave

    • gbaron said,

      I confirmed last night that the list of Buchenwald detainees does include your grandfather Juan Fernandez. There is no first hand account of his experience and I looked for some time for other references in the “168 Jumped” book for anything else about him. I will keep looking.

    • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

      Dear Mr. Fernandez. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Stalag Luft 3 was the prisoner of war camp run by the German Air Force where the airmen were transferred to from Buchenwald. The group has some members whose father / grandfather / great uncle was at Buchenwald. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  15. Dave Fernandez said,

    Got my Grandad’s death year wrong – it was 1990

    • Dave Fernandez said,

      Sorry again – 1992!!

  16. Melanie said,

    I am looking for anyone who has any information on Lt. Col. John A. Halford, USAF. Flight Comdr. “B” Please email me. Thank you.

  17. gbaron said,

    To the Fernandez family.
    There is a very good source of information about the Allied Flyers who were sent to Buchenwald, called “168 Jumped into Hell,” by Art Kinnis and Stan Booker. I will look in my copy to see information about your Grandfather. There is considerable information about the families who helped these men and also information about Jacque Desobry, (sp) the traitor who turned these men over to the Gestapo. He was executed by the French in 1949 I believe. That information is in the same book.
    I also have a very good contact in France who lives in that area and knows the family who helped these men. If you have not bought Joe’s book yet I would suggest you start there as it has the names of all these references and also contact information. I would be happy to help as much as I can.

    • Emma Fernandez said,

      Many thanks for your reply. Do you know where I can purchase a copy of “168 Jumped to Hell” as I’ve not been able to find one. I’ve ordered a copy of Joe’s book also.
      I have letters written to my Grandma during the war from a Mme Samain and one written to grandad after the war from a G.Brandon both from Gisors who I believe helped him (though the latter one is in French and I haven’t fully translated it) – are you aware of either of these people?
      Many thanks

      • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

        Dear Mrs. Fernandez. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Stalag Luft 3 was the prisoner of war camp run by the German Air Force where the airmen were transferred to from Buchenwald. The group has some members whose father / grandfather / great uncle was at Buchenwald. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  18. Lori datlow said,

    my dad, Nathan Datlow, was a navigator held at Stalag III from about June 1943 until liberation . He is now 92 and currently in the hospital with a stroke. He was given the “Death March” chapter yesterday to read- we’re not sure yet if he can read, and his speech is a problem now. but after therapy, we’ll hopefully be able to discuss this with him more.
    just this week I looked up Floyd H. Greene on the internet… an artist who created 3 prints while in Stalag III. my Dad has 2 of them, from 1946. no one seems to know much about Mr Greene, except that he took “orders” in the camp and sent the prints out later.they are amazing prints! I’d love to hear form anyone who might ahve known him.
    someone related to one of his flight crew has done extension research on the entire crew and his been in contact with my parents the past few years. he has obtained a photo of the plane wreakage from German archives, in addition to reports and letters from after Dad came home.

    • Sonia Hill said,

      Hello, please be in touch with me regarding Floyd H Greene, thank you. Sonia (stlhseeker@yahoo.com)

      • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

        Dear Mrs.Hill. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Maybe you like to become a member. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  19. gbaron said,

    Hello Lori, very nice to hear from you. Do you know which camp in SLIII your father was in? There were four: North, South, East and West. The activities of the South Camp were most recorded in a book and website called The Longest Mission. You might want to check that out.

  20. Emma Hills said,

    Hi there, I have just purchased Joe’s book. I feel it important to learn what these brave men went through. Please pass on to Joe and his family – God bless. Joe, you are an amazing and brave individual.

  21. gbaron said,

    Thanks, will certainly do. If you get a chance, writing a review on Amazon will certainly help spread the word. Thanks, Gerald

    • Laurent Viton said,

      Hello ,
      I’ve just purchased Joe’s book on Amazon , it will takes few days before receiving it in Normandy where I live. Needless to say how eager I am to read it ! However could someone help ? I’m looking for a picture of Lt Jack F. Greve of 429th FS also , who was killed flying P-38 # 44-23613 in the same area on 20 August 1944 . Maybe is there a group picture with both Joe and Lt Jack Greve , either in the book or in Joe’s stuff ? I’ll be so grateful !
      Thanks , Laurent.

      • gbaron said,

        Hello Laurent–It so happens I was going back through Joe’s squadron history book last night–because I’m reading Antony Beevor’s new book on D-Day–it is excellent! I once again saw the reference to Jack Greve’s death and his posthumous DFC award which was included in the same Air Corp orders as Joe’s. I went through all the photos in the squadron history book but don’t recall off hand any of Jack Greve. I will look again and let you know if I find any. I don’t think Joe has any as he gave me almost everything he had and I don’t recall seeing any.
        Possibility of working on a documentary film about Joe and his story. Since you are in Normandy, I may want to stay in touch and see if you could help us with some of this if it evolves.

  22. Dion Valdez said,

    Thank you Joe and Gerald for putting together this book…another testament of the incredible sacrifice and determination of those who did no less than save the world through WWII. I’ve only just started reading the book (today, Veteran’s Day as it happens) and am so impressed by your courage, Joe, in enduring all you did, and in then being willing to revisit it all in order to document it for others. Thank you, Joe, for your service, and for telling the story so that we will remember the cost paid by some so that many could have peace and freedom.

  23. John Fernandez said,


    It’s really good to hear from someone in France who is interested in this part of History. I’ve recently read Joe’s book which I found to be very moving and filled in some details on my father’s life. As you may be aware, he died in 1992 and had not really talked much about his wartime experiences though we were aware that he had been in Buchenwald after being shot down over France. He was shot down shortly after getting married so you can imagine the terrible effect this had on my mother. We do have the letter (written in French) from the people who initially sheltered him which let her know that he was safe but had been betrayed – I think this letter came from Gisors. We also have a later letter from France and we are only sorry that none of the family has ever been aware of the brave French people who sheltered him and have not had the opportunity to meet and thank their families.
    Before he died, my father had begun to write some of his own war memories (though did not get as far as 1944) and he also spoke fairly extensively to my son David (his oldest grandson). When my mother died in 1999, she asked that all of my father’s war ‘mementos’ should go to David so he now has some of the documents and photos which you might be interested in.
    I’ve forwarded your e-mail to him (and copied him into this reply) so that, between us, we’ll try to give you as much help as we can.If you can let us know your e-mail address we can correspond directly Best wishes John Fernandez

  24. Laurent Viton said,

    Hello ,
    I’ve just forgotten my email : laurent.viton@neuf.fr !
    Many of the Buchenwald ” guests ” went down in my area , I’ve been fortunate to trace some of them ( Freeman , James ) , what a nightmare it was .
    Yes John ! I’ll appreciate very much documentation you have regarding your father and his crew . 158 Sq lost many crews here , a memorial was recently unveiled in UK honouring those from that squadron who did not return .

  25. James Allan Smith said,

    Hi Joe, A fine book with great detail. Was with you during during this ordeal.I was in the box car with the loose floor boards and my skipper Joel Stevenson was the one who escaped.Probably rubbed shoulders with you many times.I am one of 6 remaining canadian KLB types and live in Trenton Ontario.Best wishes to you and yours.James Allan Smith.

    • gbaron said,

      Mr. Smith, thank you so much for writing. I would very much like to talk with you and get your email address as well as all the other KLBers you mention in Trenton, Ontario. Is Ed Carter Edwards in that group? The reason I am asking is a professional documentary filmmaker is right now working on a project about the KLBers, focusing on his grandfather, Lt. Freeman who is living in North Carolina. The filmmaker would like to interview several of the KLBers and it sounds like a trip to Trenton is necessary. Please contact me at gbaron@piersystems.com if you get this message.

  26. Pat MacGregor said,

    Until today I had not visited this site since 2008 and ‘am very pleased I did. This message is for John Fernandez [son of John Joseph Fernandez] and Laurent Viton in France:
    First of all, please read my brief note posted on this site 29th December 2007.

    John, I have been trying to find a member of your family for several years and would like very much to make contact with you. My Dad, Leslie Maxwell Byrne [known to the crew as Max] was the flight engineer with Bill Reed’s crew and flew with your Dad. He and some other members of the crew attended your parents wedding in May 1944 whilst on two weeks leave. This would have been the last time your Dad saw your Mum until after the war.

    I have been researching Dad’s time in the RAF during WW2 for several years and have some information to pass on to you about their time at 1658 Conversion Unit, Riccall where Dad met up with the crew and also a lot abour their time with 158 Squadron at Lissett. I also have the Operations Record Book pages for RAF Lissett and 158 Squadron covering the time they were stationed there and these detail all the operations they flew on. I have been to Lissett recently and seen the new Memorial erected and unveiled in May this year to commemorate the 851 airmen from the Squadron who lost their lives during the war.

    I have a copy of the Liberation report for Cyril Nuttall who was the navigator and from this I know that he and your dad were together from bailing out of their Halifax on the night they were shot down. In fact, they landed in adjacent fields. This report lists where they went and who their Helpers in France were before they were betrayed and sent to Frenes Prison and then to the hell hole Buchenwald and on to Stalag Luft lll and then the long march from there at the end of January 1945 when the Germans were clearing their POW camps in advance of the Russians.

    I have information on where all the other members of the crew were in hiding in France that may be of interest to you and also to Laurent Viton. This includes two who were in hiding together [Dave Arundel and Harold Squires [Darkie] who also had a brief stay in Fresnes Prison.

    I would like to make direct contact with you both and request that my email address be given to you so you can contact me in the first instance.

    Pat MacGregor

    • Judy Cunnington said,


      I have just discovered this blog while researching my father’s family tree. He was Cyril Worsley Nuttall and unfortunately died in 1990. I was very interested to read your reports – dad did talk about his war years a little (I have a newspaper clipping about his recollections of Stalag Luft iii and some counterfeit German marks!) but he never said too much about his time in Buchenwald. I will read Joe’s account with interest.

      Judy Cunnington

      • gbaron said,

        Hello Judy, I also encourage you to get a copy of the film Lost Airmen of Buchenwald. Joe is also in this film but it includes interviews with six of the survivors. I recall your father’s name and I believe you and your family will be surprised and saddened by what he and his fellow airmen had to endure in Buchenwald. You should also know that a memorial placque is going to be placed at Buchenwald to honor these men. We also recently found who the Luftwaffe officers were who managed their rescue and we are hoping to arrange a reunion of family members of the rescuers and the rescued.

      • Pat MacGregor said,


        I have quite a lot of information on your dad’s time with 158 Squadron and his movements in France after his Halifax was shot down in June 1944. I would like you to contact me direct if you are interested in learning more.

        Pat MacGregor

    • Steve Adamson said,

      I would love to see a copy of the Operations Record Book pages for RAF Lissett as I am a local historian living in Bridlington. i have a particular interest in WW2

  27. American World War II Air Force pilots were prisoners at Buchenwald until rescued by the Luftwaffe « Scrapbookpages Blog said,

    […] This blog post give information about a new book that will be coming out soon; the book tells the story of Joseph F. Moser, one of the American flyers who was imprisoned at Buchenwald. According to the book, Joe Moser very narrowly survived bailing out of his P-38 with an engine on fire. He and 167 other Americans were  sent to Buchenwald on orders from Berlin to be executed as “terrorfliegers.” Four days before their scheduled “extermination,” they were rescued by Luftwaffe (German Air Force) officers and shipped instead to the most famous POW camp in Germany: Stalag Luft III. […]

  28. henry said,


    I came to Joe’s blog through the story of Alexander McClelland. Most people know little of such stories.

    I have a simple question that perhaps someone will know the answer to. Why did Australian and New Zealand gov. go to such great lengths to hide the fact that their men were in Nazi camps?

    Thank You for any help in answering this question.

  29. dean armstrong, jr. said,

    I would be honored to have Mr. Moser sign my copy of his book. Is it possible to otain his address? would send it to him with all postage paid including on the return envelope. Many thanks Dean Armstrong, Jr.

  30. Kenn Priebe said,

    Dear Joe,

    Just finished the book. What a great story. Thanks for what you endured for the benefit of all us now in this country–and the world.

    Very respectfully and with best regards,

    Kenn Priebe
    fellow Washingtontonian and former Navy Aircrew

  31. Yvonne Beaudreau Burkett said,


    My father, Paul C. Beaudreau, has sent me on a quest for your book. Not only did I find the book, but I have also found you! At this time in his life, my almost 91 year old father is sharing many tales of his youth in Ferndale. One of them concerns you, Mr. Moser., as a young boy back on the farm. He claims to have taught you how to hitch up and drive a pair of horses with a wagon on the back. He said that these particular horses would stop at anything that even sounded a bit like “whoa”. Apparerently you had a great time testing the horses with words such as “slow”, “go”, etc.

    I am looking forward to getting this book for my father. I will be reading it to him as his eyesight is not very good these days. Once I get the book, may I send it to you for an autograph? this would be a great surprise for him.

    Yvonne Beaudreau Burkett

    • gbaron said,

      Hello Yvonne, sorry I have not been watching this site more closely. I will get your message to Joe through his daughter–I’m sure Joe will be very interested.

      • Yvonne Beaudreau Burkett said,

        What a great Father’s Day gift this will be for my father. I bought the book and will insert these communications.

  32. Terry Back said,

    I would like to get in touch with Pat MacGregor about Darkie Squires. Darkie was married to my cousin Kath (nee Adams) who passed away recently. Darkie died of cancer in the 1960’s, after a post war career as a navigator with BOAC until he was invalided out. Please pass this e-mail on to Pat and I hope she will drop me a line with any information she has about Darkie.

    Regards, Terry Back

    • Pat MacGregor said,

      Hi Terry

      I was interested in your message re Darkie Squires. Please contact me


  33. Todd Jackson said,

    Joseph Moser’s place and birth date.

    I have done numerous searches but can’t come up with a birthdate for Joseph F. Moser. I have scanned the book as well but did not find it. My son is doing a report on the book / his life and for his timeline needs a place, time and date of birth. He picked the book out himself and at 10 was very interested and continues to ask questions regarding Joe, WWII, the planes of WWII, the camps, etc.

    Thanks in Advance,
    -Todd Jackson

    • gbaron said,

      Hello Todd, I’m quite certain it is in the book and I’m not absolutely certain. I know Joe turned 90 in September so his year of birth was 1921 and I believe it is September 13. If you send me an email I can reply to at gerald.baron@agincourt.us I will check with Joe or one of his daughters to be sure. Joe is absolutely thrilled with young people having interest in his story so if it is possible for your son to share what he writes about Joe I know that it would mean a lot to Joe.

  34. Terry Back said,

    Pat – certainly. What is your e-mail address?

  35. Michael Jaceks said,

    Joe, I read your book recently and enjoyed it immensely. Thank God for the men and women such as yourself from the greatest generation that stood tall and protected our country and way of life in our hour of need. Being a twice wounded veteran from the Viet Nam era and a history buff as well, I’ve seen through the history channel and documentaries many of the conditions you related in your book. By the way, I went to college in Visalia and I never knew they had a pilot training facility there or in Bakersfield. Thanks for the history lesson Joe. I also lived in Bellingham for a short while so I know the area you call home more or less. I’m an r/c airplane hobbyist and I love the WW ll warbirds… spitfire, mustang, P 40 warhawk, P 47 thunderbolt, and of course the P 38. Known as the forked tail devil by the germans. Thank you for your service Joe and for all the sacrifices you made for home and country.

  36. Frederic Martini said,

    Joe, I hope you continue to do well. I am wondering if you have any recollections about my dad, Frederic Martini, in Buchenwald or SL III? He died in 1995, the year my son was born, and I am trying to put together a story piecemeal as my dad never spoke of his experiences unless he was with another vet of similar history. I am glad you have received recognition at long last. It should have come 60 years earlier, however.

    • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

      Dear Mr. Martini. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Stalag Luft 3 was the prisoner of war camp run by the German Air Force where the airmen were transferred to from Buchenwald. The group has some members whose father / grandfather / great uncle was at Buchenwald. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  37. Michael Morris said,

    My great-grandfather is George William Scott a member of the 168 Allied Forces at Buchenwald. I am looking for any information about the KLB Club that I may be able to get. Please email with maybe a contact for the club since according to Wikipedia he hasn’t been contacted since the end of WWII. Thank you and I appreciate you help with anything. Michael Morris

  38. Judy Cunnington said,


    I am new to this site and don’t know how to contact you direct….any advice gratefully received!

    • Pat MacGregor said,


      So that I don’t have to give my address on this site, I will contact Gerald Baron and see if he will pass it on direct to you. If nothing happens in the next day or so, please let me know via this site.

  39. Brian Smith said,

    Al Smith of Trenton Ontario, now Markham Ontario was also among those who were turned over after their bomber was hit by a night fighter shortly after bombing the rail yards. Al, like Joe was put on a train and ended up in Buchenwald. Al, sadly passed today, July 29th at the age of 91.
    Brian Smith

    • gbaron said,

      Very sorry to hear that, and sorry we did not know that Al Smith was around to be involved in the documentary on these men, Lost Airmen of Buchenwald.

    • Michael Moores LeBlanc said,

      Hello Brian,
      I am very sorry to read your news. May I ask if Al was:

      W/O2 J.A. Smith. RCAF. 419 Sqdn. Lancaster KB727.
      FTR 4-5/07/44. (^) 0131 am, roughly a kilometre NE of Chartainvilliers (Euro-et-Loir) and about 14 km NNE of of Chartres.

      Arrested # ca 14 July, 1944.

      Pow 8067. Luft III.

      Michael Moores LeBlanc

  40. Alana Birt said,

    Yes Michael. That indeed was my dad. I believe he knew about the documentary through Ed Carter-Edwards another of the KLB club.

    • Michael Moores LeBlanc said,

      Thank you for your reply as well as for the rank correction. Your kindness in replying, at this especially sad time for your and your family, is very much appreciated.


    • Ben van Drogenbroek said,

      Dear Mrs. Birt. I am running a Stalag Luft 3 group on Facebook. Stalag Luft 3 was the prisoner of war camp run by the German Air Force where the airmen were transferred to from Buchenwald. The group has some members whose father / grandfather / great uncle was at Buchenwald. My real name and Facebook name is Ben van Drogenbroek.

  41. Alana Birt said,

    Oh Michael my dad Al Smith was Flying Officer not a wo2 . But the rest is correct. Thanks

  42. Brian Smith said,

    Hello Michael,

    I believe you likely have the correct information but I have forwarded your email to Al’s daughter, Alana Birt (alana.birt@gmail.com) in Markham. I’ll ask her to reply as I’m certain she will have some of Al’s records to confirm.

    Al’s Buchenwald number was # 78428

    You can hear Al speaking about his experience on the website:



    • Michael Moores LeBlanc said,

      Thank you for your answer Brian.

      The stories of evaders and would-be evaders, their helpers and their betrayers has been a subject of great interest to me for many, many years. Consequently, I have a large data base devoted to this matter.

      Recently, I have returned to the stories of the Buchenwald airmen and have been updating information and adding KEW archive SPG-pow-lib files that a kind friend in England has been sending to me as he comes across them while doing his own work.

      If you believe anything I might have would be of use to you for your wonderful website, don’t hesitate to ask.


      • Michael Moores LeBlanc said,

        Hello Brian,
        A friend in England has been passing on SPG Pow-Liberation reports obtained from KEW archives. One of these is the debriefing report for F/Lt Cyril Worsley Nuttall, who shared his would-be attempt at evasion with John Fernandez. The report describes their travels and meeting with F/O Hoffman (RCAF) Sgt Pierson and Sgt Bryden (RAF) and finally his and Hoffman’s arrest on 2 Aug 1944.

        Anyone who might care for a copy of this may contact me at:

        Michael Moores LeBlanc

  43. Meghann Roberts said,

    I was fortunate enough to hear Joe’s story first hand. I was a soldier stationed at JBLM and he came and spoke to us about his experiences. I recently bought his book and wanted to know how I could get his autograph inside the book. His story is incredible and I am very proud of him for what he did. Thank you for your service Joe. Would you be able to help me contact someone who could help ?

  44. Frederic Martini said,

    Has anyone ever seen a record of the organization of the KLB airmen? As I understand the descriptions, they were divided into teams/squads by nationality (US v UK/Commonwealth) with the ~38 noncoms distributed among the officers. But I’ve never found info detailing the groups and their members. On another topic, if anyone is interested, I have copies of Joe’s depositions to the War Crimes prosecutors regarding the train from Paris and conditions at Buchenwald. You can reach me at martini@maui.net.
    Ric Martini, son of S/Sgt Frederic Martini, KLB 78299

  45. Ben van Drogenbroek said,

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Moser,
    We have met each other a couple of times in the past.
    Last year, I finished my book about Stalag Luft 3 with the title:
    The Camera Became My Passport Home – Stalag Luft 3, The Great Escape, The Forced March and the Liberation at Moosburg.
    It is a hard-bound 3-volume set printed on glossy papier with a total of 526 pages and more than 500 images. You are also mentioned in the book.
    I like to send you a complementary copy. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Best Regards,
    Ben van Drogenbroek
    Stadhouderslaan 32
    3417 TW Montfoort
    The Netherlands

  46. Brandon Longaker said,

    My wife and I live in ferndale and are currently in Germany. Had the tour at buchenwald yesterday and it floors us how strong mr. Moser was to endure. I know as a former us army NCO that we all shy from any thanks . We were doing our jobs. But Joe truly is an American hero even if he humbly denies it! Pass on a hometown hello !

  47. Tymer Kimball said,

    I have good news! I am neighbors with 1st lieutenant WARREN A. THOMPSON, one of the 168 airmen at buchenwald. He will be 90 yrs young on 6/20/14. I have talked to Mike Dorsey and Gerald Baron. They didnt know about Lt Thompson and are very excited about this. Mr. Baron checked his resources and confirmed that Lt Thompson is a Lost Airmen. His bomber was shot down on 5/27/1944 over France. I have not told Warren anything as i dont want to upset him. I will talk to his son Gary about how to handle this….

    Thank you, Tymer

    • sue ellis said,

      Hi Tymer I am researching RAF Riccall I wonder if you could help

  48. Pam Williams Angerhofer said,

    Having read the draft (where is chpt 16?) I am compelled to write out of gratitude and regret for what Lt. Moser suffered. The day he received one of his medals was the day I was born. Thirteen months later I saw my daddy for the first time when he returned from the Pacific Theater where he was a forward observer for the 81st Infantry Fighting Wildcats.

    I want Lt. Moser to know that I easily believe his report of having gained 60 lbs in a few short weeks – I once gained 7 lbs in a weekend and have never been thin since! And I had no history of deprivation to blame it on, just unbridled gluttony. So I am sorry that what should have been a gift to him caused him so much unjustified scorn.

    Because I grew up with so much of the War on my plate, I leaped on Lt. Moser’s story. The most gratifying thing to me is his lack of anger and bitterness, grace no doubt extended through having received the same forgiveness from the Lord.

    Thank you all for your efforts. We are raising grandchildren who are not allowed to forget what has been done for them by folks like my daddy and Lt. Moser. Many blessings to all.

  49. Pat MacGregor said,

    Hi Emma
    168 Jump into Hell is out of print and the only one I can find is on the ABEbooks website at a cost of, wait for it, £541.89 !!!!! If you want anything from this book your dad[?] John has my email address. However, you can purchase a used copy [in very good condition] of the book Destination Buchenwald by Colin Burgess published by Kangaroo Press from Amazon UK for £28.55. This is, I think, a more interesting book than the other one as it gives a lot of detail of Fresnes Prison in Paris [where the 168 were sent after capture] and detail of the journey too and life in Buchenwald. Please pass on my regards to your dad.
    Pat MacGregor

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