Video Interview with Joe Moser

May 11, 2009 at 11:40 pm (429th Fighter Squadron, 474th Fighter Group, Buchenwald, Fighter Pilot, French Underground, Joe Moser, P-38) (, , , , , , )

Joe has been front a tv camera more times in the last while than I am sure he ever dreamed he would be. Here is a segment from a local television production called Experience Northwest from KVOS TV. Actually two videos for the two different segments:

Experience Northwest–Segment 1

Experience Northwest–Segment 2


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  1. Herman Hundt said,

    Dear Mr. Moser.
    I just read your book & had difficulty taking a break, yet had to, to give myself a rest.
    I was able to relate to some of your experiences as I too spent time as a child being transported in catle cars with only 2 buckets & some straw on the floor. ( The Nazis showed the world how to mistreat your fellow men ) We never had to endur the horrible consentration life that you did but life after the war was not good for ethnic Germans living in occupied German territories. My family suffered under the communists in Poland & East Germany. In 1948 when we learned that my father survived the war & was living in Helmstedt, W. Germany. Following this news, we began to make plans to escape East Germany for West Germany. Life had improved but as DP’s the future was limited.
    We immigraded to the US ( Wisconsin ) in 1952 & have become Americans.
    I was happy to read that you do not hate all German people but I would understand if you did. Thank you for sharing your life story with us & may our LORD continue to bless you & your family.

    Herman Hundt

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