Some great comments

November 14, 2008 at 5:40 pm (Uncategorized)

If you haven’t visited this site for a bit (like me unfortunately) you may not have seen these recent comments. It is so exciting to hear from vets like Harry Guinther who experienced similar trials, and especially from Andrew Lamason, a great nephew of Joe’s hero Phil Lamason. Andrew and Henry–Joe will be thrilled to hear from you. Some day I will get him on the internet–until then, I will print your messages and share with him. These things make him very happy!



  1. carol matas said,

    Were there any Jewish flyers in the group of Canadians sent to Buchenwald?
    Carol Matas

  2. Jim R C Baker said,

    Hello, my dad – Horace Sumner Corbett Jr (Jim) – flew the P-38 as a USAAF photographer. He shipped out of Orlando in the late summer of 1943 just before I was born. In early 1944, he was killed retuning from a raid of a German Messeschmidt airplane factory in Germany. The sky as filled with clouds when he was hit and parachuted. The Resistance found him. His commanding officer notified my mother in March of 1943. My own family visited the beautiful Allied Cemetery in Netuno, Italy in the 1970’s, where we found his grave and laid flowers.

    I recognized the distinctive P-38 in The Seattle Times Sunday front page photo from the 12″ silver-platted model he received as an award while in training.

    Thank you so very much for your wartime service and beyond.

    My warm regards,


    Jim R C Baker, retired university instructor
    206 784-8896

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