Chap 13–Now into the fighter pilot stuff–you HAVE to read this story

March 21, 2008 at 4:44 am (429th Fighter Squadron, 474th Fighter Group, Fighter Pilot, Joe Moser, P-38)

I was blown away when Joe told me the story that I have relayed in this chapter. Those who know Joe know that when he talks and tells stories, his humility and good spirit come across far more than the drama and excitement of it. But I can tell you that the strange and wonderful coincident of Joe and Earl is probably my favorite part of this book so far and I have had the most fun learning about it and sharing it. I hope you enjoy it too.

Thanks for commenting Ian, it is so great to have Joe’s family following along. I know many are not reading it on this site because they want to wait for the whole thing to be done and published. I certainly hoped and planned it would be by this time. No excuses, but by business has required a tremendous amount of travel–I have spent four of the ten weeks in this year either in California or Houston. And I found I simply can’t work on this on the road–for one thing I can’t carry all the reference material I need with me. So, I apologize, but I am going to push real hard now and get this wrapped up.


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