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October 8, 2007 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey, progress. Finally a quiet weekend at home and I got chapter 7 done. This chapter is a flashback covering Joe’s early days and fighter pilot training. Again, I am trying to maintain the basic narrative flow as much as possible and it seems a little awkward to stop and pause here at the gates of Buchenwald but at the same time, with the five days traveling on the train it is not hard to imagine Joe spending a good deal of time thinking about back home and re-tracing his steps to how he got to where he was. I don’t know how it works, you tell me. On the other hand, until the narrative is picked up again in Chapter 8 with his first few days in Buchenwald, I’m not sure if you or I can really tell how much of a disruption this is. Still, if you read this, I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Gabe Rodriguez said,

    glad to see you’re making progress!

  2. Keith Cox said,

    Hi Gerald,

    I saw the writeup about Joe Moser in the Herald this morning and was so excited to see that you’re writing a book about Joe’s experiences. I actually know him as “Grandpa Joe” as he was my next door neighbor growing up and took care of me and my siblings quite often. Joe is an amazing man and I am looking forward to reading your book as soon as it is completed. Do you possibly have a list for people to be contacted when the book is completed…. if so I’d love to be added to that list.

    Thanks again for documenting an incredible man’s story!

    Amy Stauffer-Parsons
    (Keith Cox Autobahn)

  3. Bill Crocker said,

    I am a retired Airline Pilot living in Bellingham. Since I read the article in the Nov. 13 Bellingham paper, I had to go to the web site and read the chapters. I just could not stop unitl I read all of the Chapters, I thought the timing was perfect in Chapter 7 when you re-caped Joe’s Childhood, High School and induction into the Army Air Corp. To me it fit perfect. I am real anxious to read the rest of the Chapters.


  4. gbaron said,

    Amy and Bill–really appreciate you commenting here.

    Bill, appreciate your compliments on the book. It is an encouragement and makes me want to keep going and get this finished! I am in Chapter 8 which starts to detail his Buchenwald days. Unbelievable. I’m hoping as the holidays approach to get some more time and get this wrapped up.

    Amy, good question about the list. I hope you get a chance to read the chapters online or download them. Don’t be afraid to share and encourage people to comment here as well. This website can help create that list. Hope you are doing well and give my regards to Keith (I’m in Tampa as I write this).

  5. Monica Fox said,

    Joe Moser is an amazing man. His nephew Fred is my boyfriend and we have been looking forward to this book for a while.
    I have heard numerous stories from Louise about life on the farm and where she was when she first heard about Joe being MIA and then finding out he was a POW. It is great to finally hear the actual accounts.
    One of our favorite movies is “The Great Escape.” I had know idea that Joe was in the same building.

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