Chapters 5 & 6

October 6, 2007 at 9:16 pm (429th Fighter Squadron, Buchenwald, Fighter Pilot, Joe Moser)

As you can see there has been a huge delay in writing and posting new chapters. Chapters 5 and 6 are finally up. Joe has had chapter 5 to review for a couple of months but I completed chapter 6 while on a cruise to Alaska in August.

These two chapters cover the time from Joe being placed in Fresnes prison in Paris to his arrival at Buchenwald. The train ride was unimaginably horrible and I tried to find a balance between describing it accurately and with some sense of the agonies involved, to not being too disturbing. The fact is, we have to really engage our imagination to understand what it would be like to be pushed into a cattle car in the high August heat with 95 other unwashed human beings–a car meant to carry no more than 40 people or 8 cows. One thing Joe always talks about whether the train or Buchenwald is the smell. There are only a few times in life when I have been subjected to unbearable stench and the circumstances were for the most part escapable–such as using the outhouse in a hot berry field. But at least you know you can hold your breath through most of it and then in just seconds escape to the clean air outside again. To be in such stench for not minutes, but days, and weeks and months is impossible to imagine. Sixty years later, the recollection is strong in Joe’s mind.

Please let me know what you think of these chapters, and I’ll try to get at the rest.



  1. Ted Christie said,

    Word is out about the book and people are waiting patiently to see the finished product of your fine work.. I am really happy to see that you are
    including all of those small but interesting details that Joe may leave out while he’s relating his experiences to someone. You obviously have a knack for gleaning details. That’s great.! I have a question; will the book be a hard bound one? A soft cover? a pocketbook type opr what?
    Keep pounding away!……………….Ted

  2. gbaron said,

    Ted, great to hear from you again and thanks for the encouragement. I know Joe and Jean are frustrated with the pace but I have been traveling on business almost non-stop for about 6 weeks. I didn’t plan on this when I agreed to do the book! I’m about half way through the first chapter on Buchenwald so I am into the real meat of the book now. It is hard dealing with this because to really draw it out would probably be so disgusting to people and yet I want them to know what Joe and the others really had to live with. I’ll try to find that balance. I really appreciate your encouraging words. I am going to try real hard to get it done before the end of the year but that will be a push.
    Frank Imhof has agreed to pay for publishing the book if we do not find a publisher and I may start the search for that soon. There is a good cost difference between soft and hardbound but I think Frank may opt for the hardbound. I’ll let you know.
    Do you have any other suggestions for title? That is certainly not fixed yet. Also thinking about: “A Pilot In Buchenwald: The Joe Moser Story.” What do you think?

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