This is getting to be so much fun

March 24, 2007 at 10:36 pm (Uncategorized)

An amazing thing just happened. Several weeks ago Joe gave me a letter (along with stacks of other materials) that he received from someone in France, Remco Immerzeel. It was sent Dec 9, 2006–recently. Mr. Immerzeel has been doing research on the Buchenwald Flyboys including Joe. The letter provided some tantalizing information including about the German soldier who was driving the motorcycle when Joe was captured. It turns out he was the same German who fired the two shots covering the escape of the Frenchmen held with Joe in the cellar. (Sorry, you’ll have to read about that in Chapter 3). Joe never responded to Mr Immerzeel. But today I wrote him an email since he included in his letter. I just heard from him with much more information. He knows so much that will be helpful in telling this story and, if we can go to France and Germany with Joe this summer as I hope, he will be very helpful in the documentary we hope to do.

One thing I am learning and quickly, the Internet is the historian’s best friend. Partly for how it help you gain access to information that would take far longer to reach or that you would never find, and partly because it is so easy to connect with others who share a very narrow interest, such as the experiences of some young men who went through hell for our freedoms over 60 years ago.


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