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March 19, 2007 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

I just checked my traffic report and I see a lot more people reading this than I expected. And that will likely grow as I let more people, including Joe’s family, know about this blog.

I am putting up the drafts of the chapters of Joe’s book in this form because I want your help. This is the way I think books will be written in the future–even as some are done now. By way of conversation. The writer’s work will no longer be as lonely and quiet as it used to be. And the work will improve because of the comments of those who have the opportunity to participate very early in the process.

So, IF you stumble on this site and have enough interest to read even a little bit, a strongly urge you to comment. Let me know you saw it. Frank, Neil, Chris, Geoff, Gabe, Ash–all of you and the rest I don’t know. Don’t just come and look. Talk to me. I thank you and Joe thanks you.



  1. Ted Christie said,

    I was happy to learn that someone was finally bringing Joe’s story to light. It needed to happen years ago but it’s still not too late. I know Joe pretty well and your assesment of him is pretty accurate as far as being a quiet man and not a great orator when it comes to telling his story and I can appreciate your position in trying to bring out those sdmall but important details. I have heard Joe’s persentation that he gives at the public school assemblies and knowing many of the anecdotes he has revealed to me from time to time that make his story so interesting, he has omtted in his speeches either for the sake of brevity or certain accounts just didn’t come to mind at the time.
    What ever Joe lacks in oratoric ability he makes up for in kindness and consideration for his family and his fellow man.
    I am very proud to be able to call him my father in law. The family and I wish you continued success in your endeavor !

  2. gbaron said,

    Ted, I’m very glad that Joe got the message out about this site to you and that you are participating. I guess the fact that Joe isn’t real great at telling his story is what gives me this wonderful opportunity. I think the world of Joe and agree strongly about his kindness and humility. That’s what motivates me to do the best I can to do him justice in this. As I told him, he has a great gift to give his family and the world–and that is his story and what we can all learn from it.

    Regarding your question about the title–I certainly am not fixed on any title yet and am very open to suggestions. The primary criteria for a good title is whether or not it helps pull the books off the shelf in a bookstore or online, and also hopefully captures in just a few words the essence and uniqueness of the story. Please give me your thoughts.

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